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-18.0 ml- [Voice]

[It starts out with a groan. It's a soft groan, as though Anemone's a bit farther from her communicator, and by the soft squeaking right near the speaker, it's safe to assume that Gulliver, once again, got hold of the device.]

Damn it... this had better not...

[She coughs, then sighs.]

Well... it's not that bad. And you won't tell Shinji, right, Gulliver?

[The little animal squeaks out his affirmation. There's a soft shuffling, followed by a thud and hands slapping the ground. Anemone takes a breath, then the shuffling begins again. She's walking softly towards the communicator.]

This stupid rain... there's no reason for it to rain if we can't use it.

Ne... Gulliver, grab my communicator for me?

[He squeaks loudly.]

Oh... you've got it right there. Thanks--

[And then it switches to text, almost immediately:]

So, how's everyone doing out there? Still alive, right?

Some of you people keep going and people keep staying... I barely know who's even on this world anymore.

...also, when did rain become this common in Discedo?

-17.9 ml- [Accidental Video]


[And Anemone drops her gear, wincing and hissing at the sudden shock. She shakes out her hand, then turns to glare at the gear.]

Couldn't you wait ten minutes? So impatient.

[She's outside. From the scenery behind her, she's still in Discedo, in the little shopping area. The buildings around her look pretty worse for wear, having just dealt with the acidic rainfall. A few of the old shops are barely hanging on. She doesn't reach for her communicator just yet, frowning up at the bar's roof.]

How we survived that, I'll never know...

[But of course, Anemone's a trooper... even if she was crazy enough to stay behind. Her clothing's a bit different as well. She's traded her cute dresses and a long-sleeved yellow shirt and baggy brown shorts. A small red bow's been safety-pinned to the side of the outfit. And then boots. Black boots, probably from the winter... they'd come in handy now. She even pulled her hair back in a ponytail.

She picks up her communicator and begins to trudge forward, keeping the camera on her face for a moment.

It's... it's pretty empty out here. Most of you guys left, right? Well... if there's anywhere you want me to check out, I'm roaming the city today. Just don't get your hopes up. I think everywhere's standing, but... probably not for long.

[She turns her communicator around. Walking closer to the apartments and the hospital, she stops and just pans over the view. Half-rotted monster corpses, buildings wet and cracked, what's left of pavement cracked or melted in... the dirt doesn't even look normal. Anemone lets the scene hover before just stopping the transmission.]

-17.8 ml- [Video]

[There's an Anemone. A cranky, miserable Anemone, with a bright red nose and scowling.]

Why is it so cold?! There's just... ice all over the place! Okay, who's trying to freeze us? Because it's not funny!

[And with another sharp glare, she opens her mouth again, probably to yell more, but then her nose twitches... and her eyes close... she takes a slow breath...]

Ah...a... ahh--ACHOO!!

-17.7 ml- [Video]


[She just takes a shaky breath. Her eyes are wide, brimming with tears, a lost and almost hurt expression on her face. She just stares at the communicator for a good long moment.]

This... is Discedo... right?

Anyone, just... tell me...

[She just sinks down, shoving the communicator away.]

My head... hurts...

-17.6 ml- [Voice | AU!Discedo]

I'm not going to die to leave.

[Stubborn as ever, that's all she says before angrily clicking it off.]

-17.5 ml- [Accidental Voice]

[There's the ever-present buzz of a communicator shocking its owner. Anemone squeaks in surprise at the sudden pain, but a series of rough coughs interrupts her. She pounds at her chest, trying to will the feeling to go away.

Instead, she only manages to send her communicator to the floor with a clatter, and soon it shuts itself off.

-17.4 ml- [Text/Accidental Video]

[Text | Locked to Cube & Shinjiro || 80% Unhackable]Collapse )

[And as she tries to turn the frequency off, she ends up dropping her communicator and not only does it open the broadcast, it also switches to video. Anemone's standing in her dark room, holding a sheet of paper. There's a new edition to her ears: safety pins; two large ones are stuck in her ears, stabbed through... like she... pierced her own ears... Anyway, that paper! She shakes it twice, and then motions to crumple it - but stops partway.]

You guys are jerks... Why would you... leave me this?

[She turns around and Gulliver pounces over, sniffing at an odd contraption... it looks like an odd, wooden plank. If you squint hard enough, you can make out the top of a guitar's neck. She ruffles his fur and reaches past him to lift the device, revealing the entire thing to be a very nice musical instrument.]

You like Yanyan's guitar too, don't you, Gulliver? It's... it's really nice. I can add it to the things I get... from all of my friends who go away.

[And with that, she sits on the bed, setting the guitar down gently on her lap. Once again, that so-depressed-she-could-just-die look is on her face, and she stares at it... before noticing the little glow from her communicator.

Oops... was that thing on?

So she walks over... and kicks it.

-17.3 ml- [Video + Party Action]

[Because Stormy is a lazy derp, we're just going to say that Anemone let everyone know the party at the cafe was from noon to three. (We're also going to backdate this post by a few hours. Isn't that awesome?) With help, the place is decorated in Valentine's day colors and Anemone's munching on cookies and prancing around in a paper crown.

She sits Gulliver down in front of the communicator, and his large red bow with flowers attached stands out a bit, forcing him to keep his head up a bit. He stares--happily?--at the screen.

We're opening Cafe Alpha at five this evening, when my party's over.

But look! Even Gulliver dressed up for my birthday; isn't he the cutest?

[Yes, she's showing off her dog... pig... sloth... badger. A few seconds pass before she leans over, squishing him down so she can grin at the screen. And with that, she turns off the communicator...

And grins around at the cafe.

Someone is excite.

[[ooc: Open Birthday Party commentlog! Feel free to spam me or at each other! Network posts also welcome, lol. :D]]

-17.2 ml- [Text]

My 19th birthday is on Valentine's Day.

I want a party this year. With cake and food, and presents, even if a lot of people are here, and even if it's snowing.

Somebody, help me plan it.

-17.1 ml- [Voice]

Shinji... Shinji's... never left Discedo...

The bar's closed... H-he's not in his apartment, he's not at the bar, his frequency's here but it's... quiet...

I don't want to be here anymore.

-17.0 ml- [Accidental Voice]

--st not fair!

[Gulliver's got the communicator, from where Anemone threw it. He gurgles at the screen, although Anemone's tantrum-like cries are easily overpowering his soft noises.]

I hate winter! Sorata's gone... now Chopper?!

They took Dominic in the winter too... didn't they, Gulliver?

[He squeaks at her, trying his best to be comforting. It's not working, because she just starts crying harder.

And then a loud smash of glass rings out, and Gulliver squeals, panicked, accidentally turning off the device.

-16.9 ml- [Voice | Text]

I love Christmas!

[This is a very hyperactive Anemone. Why? She's not only in the holiday spirit, she's also sugared up to high hell.]

There will be free cookies and hot chocolate at the cafe all today! Because, um... [Cough.] I baked a lot. I think Alpha would be happy if we kept hopes up and have the cafe smelling nice, so... that's what I'm doing.

Cube, I hope you don't mind that I didn't tell you! You don't have to come in today if you don't want to, though. But if you're not stopping by, let me know; I've got something or you.

...actually, you know what? Don't come, I'll make rounds tonight!

[And stifling another cough.] This thing needs to go away--

[Locked to Scientists | 85% Unhackable]Collapse )

-16.8 ml- [Video]


[That was definitely unexpected. The video flashes on to the sudden motion of Anemone smacking her head against the wall. She's in her bathroom, though her brief moment of leaning across the sink passes with her quickly trying to get away from it, hands knocking away what they could reach. A few bottles and two small jam jars, which sat on the counter, slide either onto the floor or the sink. She steps back, out of view, her breathing heavy and fast.

Her eyes turn to the communicator, half staring, half not. She's not even paying attention, she doesn't even care.

A brief half-assed smack near the off-switch does nothing but shift the angle. But, thinking--or at least pretending--that it's off, Anemone resumes what she was doing.

She has her receptacle in hand once more, fingers shaky but careful in opening one side. Grabbing one of the small jam jars, she opens it and lets the liquid slosh about but she almost drops it. Her hand can't hold it steadily enough. She ends up looking around frantically, eyes widening again. She's about to panic.

But then her eyes find the floor. She takes a breath.

The floor... The... the damn floor...

[And the weird realization she has come to makes her laugh. Tears well in her eyes as she just laughs softly to herself, before she moves down and has a seat. Now out of view, the most her communicator records is the vacant top part of her bathroom, and the sounds of jars opening and scraping tile floors, of liquid sloshing, metal meeting glass. A soft whimper, a click.

A sigh.

-O.4th wall-


If you're going to come barging in on the city all the damn time, you better start bringing me cake!


-16.7 ml- [Accidental Voice]

[So it's only as accidental as Gulliver can make it. He's sniffing around, and if anyone understands animal, you can catch him grumbling about how Anemone doesn't let him play with her toys anymore. But it's quite obvious that he's snagged it from her.

In the background, Anemone's coughing. She groans, almost pained, but it's more annoyance than anything.

Gulliver, you're being too noisy...

[The little pudgy animal give an almost-apologetic squeak, mostly because he's not sure why. If anything, he squeaks louder.]

Whaaaat...? [Grumble... cough.] Oh... it's late?

[Three... two...]

SHIT! I've got work! [the sounds of frantic scrambling fill the background, and Gulliver goes back to squeaking at the communicator, this time about food. Everyone should remember to feed their pets, because he is hungry. And that's why he likes going to work with Anemone, because he always gets food, and sometimes Shinji scratches him behind the ears and--

Dead silence. There's a pink-girl-versus-pudgy-dog showdown going on now.

Gulliver... Turn. It. Off. NOW.

-16.6 ml- [Voice]

I didn't mean to worry anyone, I'm okay now.

I'll be back at work tomorrow.

I need a new bed... and dresser... and... [Fades out... ready to click... but wait!]

...Say, guys good with fixing things. Does anyone know how to fix holes in walls? Or should I just tape a sheet over them?

-16.5 ml- [Text]

Shinji - not working tonite. Watch Gulliver, I left him there

Cuddy - dont come home tonight. bring painkillers tomorrow

[[ooc: I feel bad for Horton. Anemone will be making lots and lots of very destructive noise. Which includes windows being smashed and furniture being mercilessly beaten into piles of scrap wood. (All from her room, so don't fret!) But anyone passing the third floor will most likely hear it. ...not like this is new or anything.]]

-16.4 ml- [Video]

[And look, there's Anemone's shining face! Propped up on the pillows of a bed that is definitely not her own (it's actually Nami's). Besides the splint-like bandage around her nose and the tired look in her eyes, she's smiling.]

See, Cuddy! I'm not dead! You made it through too, right? And Gulliver? Shinji, you too right? Everyone? How are you guys?

[She sighs and looks up for a moment, then turns back to the device.]

Why does something stupid always happen right before my Discedo anniversary? In four days, I'll have been here for two years. Two! How crazy is that? Last year I was sick, this year I'm shot and have this stupid thing on my face.

I want cake. A big one.

-16.3 ml- [Voice]

It's getting noisy again, isn't it? That's so dumb... They're going to give me another headache.

[And there's a small thump followed by the sudden and brief clinking of pots. Anemone hisses in pain for a moment.]

Ow! Forgot those were hanging there... Gulliver! Remind me to tell Cube that we really need to organize the kitchen! Okay? Okay.

[The creaking of a door. Gulliver squeaks; he's a little concerned about things that aren't hanging pots.]

There aren't extra monsters or anything outside, right? I didn't bring my bat.



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